We take pride and value the fact that each client is different and each site has their own unique set of requirements. At Station Glo, we work diligently to ensure each of our clients needs are met. 

Here's how we do it:

  • Start with an onsite visit to survey and obtain precise measurements
  • We co-ordinate with the client, supplier and oil company to be sure that all are in agreement on the project
  • We contact the materials supplier for pricing and present a quote in a timely fashion
  • We take care of ordering all needed supplies, arrange for shipping and store your materials until the start date for your project.
  • If necessary we can apply for and obtain any and all permits required to complete your changes.
  • Our knowledgeable employees will arrive on site, and work in a manner that allows you to stay open so as not to lose any business while we upgrade or service your station.
  • Station-Glo supplies all safety certified lifts, trucks, and tools of the trade to complete your stations upgrade in a safe and timely fashion.
  • A foreman is always on site and available to answer any questions you may have. With over 20+ years with our company the foreman have continually kept pace with any and all changes in our ever growing field.
  • Our employees are OSHA certified and bring all necessary safety harnesses and equipment .Station-Glo is fully insured.
  • Upon completion of your site we will co-ordinate with the oil company to be sure your station meets all specs and requirements. Including checklists and punch list items